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Bet Angel was founded in 2005 and is the most successful sports trading software ever released. To see a list features some of which are UNIQUE to Bet Angel click HERE

Betfair trading forum

Don't take our word for it. Ask our regular forum contributors and experienced Bet Angel users why they use Bet Angel instead of any other software.

Easy Install

Once purchased, you can download and install Bet Angel on as many computers as you like. See HERE to view a video showing the installation steps.


Activating the software is easy. If you have purchased the software or taking the free trial see HERE to view a video showing the simple activation procedure.

Trading Masterclass

The Bet Angel Academy offers the long established and proven Trading Masterclass hosted by Peter Webb. See HERE for more details.

Online Training

Other courses available include online video training covering a rangte of topics. Contact the academy for further details and to see if a course is available to suit you.

What is Bet Angel?